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American football players have become very popular over the last few years and so has this sport outside the boarders of the United States. We are here to present you one of the greatest sportsmen of all time in the NFL. Can you guess who this article is going to be about? You are right, we are to talk about Clay Matthews III.


Clay Matthews III was born on the 14th of May in 1986 in Los Angeles California. He is the third Clay Matthews in his family and that is what makes him special. Another important and less known information about Clay Matthews is that the talent for the American football and all the passion related to that sport runs in his family for generations now

Workout Tips from Clay Matthews 2015

Are you planning to work out next year, to get in shape, and totally change your body? We know how difficult that can be, and especially if you don’t have any trainer, or a strong schedule to follow to. That is why we have here the best tips and working plan from Clay Matthews 2015.

Clay Matthews 2015

If you follow Clay Matthews 2015 workout plan, you will get not only his strong muscle and body shape, but also a great tonus, and a lot of self-confidence.

Here are the best tips from Clay Matthews 2015 workout schedule:

  • Injuries – Clay Matthews 2015 advices you to incorporate as many different exercises as you can in order to avoid them, and to work different groups of muscles. Also, in your off season sessions, try to prevent injuries, by doing only the exercises you know, to prevent having injuries when the season starts.
  • Playing time – The best thing to start training is to play football in collage. Clay admitted he didn’t play in high school, but he recognizes the importance and the chances to succeed in this sport if you start training as early as you can. Having a team will also help you with the motivation, so follow this rule from Clay Matthews 2015 plan.
  • Self-worth – According to Clay Matthew 2015 plan, you can play in the National Football League only if you have talent. However, if you work a lot, and dedicate a lot of time and put effort in your training, you will obtain everything you want. Make sure you self-worth and believe in your own power and talent, and everything will become possible.

Clay Matthews 2015 workout schedule includes leg press, split squats, barbell bench press, body weight step up, dumbbell T-pushups, machine arm row, foam roll for upper and lower body, wall lower-trap activation, DB press – arnold, front, and lateral, and many more.

Clay Matthews 2015

Clay Matthews 2015 includes:

  • Power balance evolution – a wristband that has perforated air holes to give you more comfort and breathability;
  • Powerup mouth gear – with an optimal position in the jaw, it is increasing the explosiveness of your body, and the endurance as well;
  • Gilltee Fusion Proglide Power Razor – for a smooth shave, with low resistance blade Coating.

If Clay is also an inspiration for you, than follow his rules and trust yourself. With training and self-confidence, you will get the results you want. Good luck!

Who is Clay Matthews girlfriend 2015?

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Clay is American football player and he was born on May 14th 1986, in Northridge, California. This Clay Matthews is the third in his family and that is by itself makes him special. Talent and passion for sport are in his family for generations. His love and talent are special and he always excels on the field.

Clay Matthews girlfriend 2015 – Kristi Stalter

Clay Matthews girlfriend 2015 is same girlfriend who is with him since late last year. His current better half is Kristi Stalter. She is known to be a teacher, also a fashion blogger with her fan base growing with each day. Though some news media was speculating of the troubles Clay Matthews girlfriend 2015 had with his ex, alpine skier Lindsay Vonn, that turned out not to be true. Kristi and Clay seem to enjoy their every possible moment together, as if it would’ve been their last. We are also very happy for them both.

Success and love

This rather unusual couple is very cute together, but they have in common one more thing and that is success. Their success and love make they very happy people and couple. Who knows, maybe Clay Matthews girlfriend 2015 will be his wife and mother of his children. Clay Matthews girlfriend 2014 definitely will continue to be very success woman and she knows what she wants from their relationship.

They are happy together

Kristi, being Clay Matthews girlfriend 2015, deserves a chance to enjoy love at the fullest. She is indeed a very beautiful and talented woman; also she is very success young lady. Being a teacher is not an easy job by any means, and I’m sure we’ll hear about Kristi Stalter in the future a lot. Clay and Kristi are very cheerful couple and deserve love and even more happiness than they already have.